Andrea Milanovic (Freeware)

WiSwitch is a tool for starting or stopping two services: the Wireless Zero Configuration (for Windows XP/2003) and WLAN Autoconfig (for Vista/Windows 7). These services allow the operating system to manage wireless network adapters. Services are programs that perform system functions without interacting with the user. WiSwitch simplifies the management of wireless network adapters by reducing unnecessary operations.

Wireless zero configuration and WLAN autoconfig permit connection to wireless networks on computers that have a WLAN adapter. They can also search within the “wireless neighbourhood” for available networks every 60 seconds. This takes place whether the computer is connected to a network or not. Scanning, however, usually causes a lag, which causes the connection to become unresponsive. The result is slower functioning of the system during internet surfing or downloading.

For XP users, stopping the wireless zero configuration serves solves the problem. However, for Vista/Windows 7 users, the solution is more complicated because stopping the WLAN Autoconfic also ends the network connection. To address this issue, WiSwitch sets the service startup type to “Disable” mode so that it will not start automatically after booting. The user can choose to start it only when it is needed. The network connection is not terminated as WLAN Autoconfig’s startup type is a setting that is independent from that for the network connection.