Wise Folder Hider (Freeware)

Wise Folder Hider is used for hiding folders and files that are stored in removable devices and partitions in the hard drive. The program is useful for hiding sensitive information (passwords, credit card details, log in information, etc). The folder can be password-protected to increase security. The application is able to hide different types of files including videos, photos, and documents.

The application’s main interface is simple. It is divided into three sections – Hide File, Hide Folder, and Hide USB Drive. Users can find all the hidden files under these categories. Users can also view other information in the main window, such as the name of the hidden file, its status (hidden/visible), if it is locked (yes/no), and the operation for managing the folder (open/hide).

Here are the other main features of the Wise Folder Hider program:

• Hide sensitive information in just a few clicks
• Support for double-password protection for increased security (first password to log in to the file and the second password to unhide the file)
• Drag and drop support for ease of use
• Mouse right-click support for accessing hidden files even if the Wise Folder Hider interface is not launched
• Multilanguage interface