Wise Data Recovery 3.84 (Freeware)

Wise Data Recovery is a file recovery tool that allows users to retrieve files that have been deleted. Files may become corrupted or accidentally deleted due to user error or as a result of a crash. Removed files from portable or removable storage devices like memory cards, thumb drives, media players, and even cameras may also be restored. File recovery is not limited to documents and media files such as photos, music, and videos; this application can also retrieve email and compressed files. This tool features a simple interface and commands that can be easily understood and executed by users of all skill levels. The main menu provides users with the following options:

• View the product homepage
• Read the online guide
• Change the program’s default language
• View information about the program developer
• Check for updates to the program

Wise Data Recovery starts by doing a search of the deleted and recoverable files in the local drive or connected device specified by the user. The scan results are shown in a list. The files are listed down; each file will be shown with one of four recovery indicators: “Good”, “Lost”, “Poor”, and “Very Poor”. These indicate the difficulty of file recovery, and show whether the files are suitable for recovery or not. Users can also narrow down the search by using a filter or by specifying a file type to recover.