NirSoft (Freeware)

WirelessKeyView is an application that provides users with the ability to view and recover the wireless network security passwords or keys that are stored in the computer through the Wi-Fi manager or Wireless Zero Configuration service. Through this utility, the recovered keys can be copied to the clipboard or saved to an XML, TXT, or HTML file for exporting. This application is ideal for laptop or mobile device users who may have a hard time remembering the passwords of their wireless networks.

The application’s interface is simple and the main window is designed like a spreadsheet. It shows the properties of any network name stored in the computer, such as the adapter type, ASCII password, adapted GUID, and Hex key. Copying the information is done by hitting ALT+Enter, which opens a properties window showing the text fields that may be edited before saving or pasting onto another application.

WirelessKeyView is also able to generate an HTML report for the entire database or selected network. It does not require installation, so users will only need to run the program and it will then display all of the WEP/WPA keys stored in the computer, as long as these are stored by the Windows operating system and not by third-party applications.