Wireless WEP Key Password Spy

Alpine Snow (Shareware)

Wireless WEP Key Password Spy is an application designed to recover passwords that are already saved to the system registry. This utility is intended for the use of Windows systems. This program is essentially a password finder that has the capability to bring forth hidden passwords. This application is a simple yet powerful utility that even beginners will have no difficulty operating. Once recovered, the missing password that has been recovered is promptly displayed in another window.

Wireless WEP Key Password Spy by Alpine Snow provides users with a number of essential details upon clicking on the button labeled, "Find Wireless WEP Keys." By clicking this button, the program will be commanded to locate and decode all of the stored Wireless keys that have ever been accessed in the computer. All the information are retrieved from the Windows registry. These include:
WEP key currently used in order to connect to the wireless network
wireless network name
network encryption type

There is more to this program than the featured fundamental functions. This utility also provides additional information such as the amount of bytes sent, the throughput, and the Ethernet adaptor.

This utility solves the problem encountered by many computer users who encounter the all-too-common problem of losing passwords and not having any means of recovering them.