Wireless Network Watcher 1.58

NirSoft (Freeware)

Wireless Network Watcher is a utility application that enables users to monitor their wireless network. This application displays all computers and devices that are currently linked to the user’s router. Wireless Network Watcher shows a list of devices along with information such as the IP address, device name, MAC address, the network adapter manufacturer, network adapter compatibility, and the device information. This application also has an advanced settings feature that allows users to choose a particular network adapter to a connected device. Users may set the chosen network adapter as the default adapter for that device. In addition to these, Wireless Network Watcher also has controls used to stop or resume the network activity of a particular computer or device, save the list of computers and devices, copy the list to clipboard, and paste it in MS Word or MS Excel. This application also has a search function, which allows users to locate a computer or device using keywords.

Wireless Network Watcher features a simple user interface that contains two main parts. The first part is the control bar located on the top portion of the program window. This section contains buttons that execute actions within the program. The next part is the computer and device list where all the connected computers and devices along with the related information are displayed. Wireless Network Watcher is lightweight, portable and is readily available for free download in the Internet.