WireframeSketcher Studio 3.9.1

WireframSketcher (Shareware)

WireframeSketcher Studio is an application that enables users to create wireframes for developing applications for desktops or mobile devices. This software can be used as a plug-in for Eclipse IDE, but it can also be used as a standalone application. When using the application, the elements for the application mock-up are done looking hand drawn, but there is also an option to use a clean look. The program comes with several tools for developing a program’s interface. Some of them include text boxes, tables, charts, check boxes, and buttons.

Additional features of the application are the following:

• Intuitive Interface – The program’s interface is designed for efficient use. The commands for the program have designated shortcuts for using the program with the keyboard. Moreover, the properties and positioning of elements are streamlined for working.
• Vector Icons – WireframeSketcher Studio offers a variety of vector icons that can be used for prototypes. There are more than 200 icons that can be used. Users can also add more icons from the stencils library on the official website.
• Interactive Samples – Users can create interactive mock-ups through linking. When presented, buttons on the mock-up direct to another page.
• High-Quality PDF – The mock-up project can be exported as a high-quality PDF file for sharing with clients.
• Storyboard – Mock-ups can be presented in storyboard style.