WIPE 2013.47 (Freeware)

WIPE is a small security tool that deletes important information stored in the computer. The program is able to remove saved usernames, passwords, browsing activities, cookies, credit card information, and other personal data that is vulnerable to hackers. When first launched, the application provides a list of all the programs that save the users’ confidential data. Users can see the details for each program by double clicking on the item. Users can view the space that the file takes up, the number of files that are stored, and the cookies. Items can be retained in the system by removing the check mark on the box beside the item. To remove the files from the computer, click on the ‘Delete!’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Another feature of the WIPE program is Screen Lock. Screen Lock allows users to view all the files and folders that are not visible in the system. These files may contain personal information that must be deleted from the computer, too.

Other features of the WIPE program are the following:
• Simple and easy to use interface
• Comes with free monthly updates
• Files and entries removed from the computer remain erased