WinZip System Utilities Suite

WinZip Computing, S.L. (WinZip Computing) (Shareware)

WinZip System Utilities Suite is an all-in-one software package for improving the computer’s performance developed by WinZip Computing, S.L. It features Registry Optimizers that provides two registry tools used for cleaning and managing system registry. The two components for this purpose are the Registry Cleaner that scans and cleans registry errors and Registry Optimizer that organizer registry entries. WinZip System Utilities Suite also offers Disk Cleaners and Optimizers tools for cleaning, managing, and organizing the hard drive. It has System Cleaner for removing junk data and freeing up disk space, Disk Optimizer for defragging hard disk, Disk Tools for checking for disk/file system errors and Disk Explorer for reviewing disk usage.

WinZip System Utilities Suite features a set of tools for optimizing Windows. It offers three solutions (Memory Optimizer, Driver Updater, and Game Optimizer) that help maintain Windows with fewer interrupted tasks, crashes or lock-ups. Memory Optimizer is used for freeing unused allocated memory. Driver Updater downloads and installs latest drivers while Game Optimizer optimizing game play. To address security and privacy issues, WinZip System Utilities Suite offers three tools - Secure Delete, Privacy Protector, and Secure Encryptor.

This software package also offers a set of tools for backing up and recovering files. The tools designed for this are Undelete, Backup Manager and System Files Backup and Restore System Files. For managing system settings, the software suite offers Duplicate Files Remover, PC Fixer, and System and Security Advisor. For regular maintenance, two tools are offered in this program – Startup Manager and Uninstall Manager. The program suite also offers Smart PC Care, which is a tool that takes care of the computer’s general health.