WinZip Registry Optimizer

WinZip Computing, S.L. (WinZip Computing) (Shareware)

Winzip Registry Optimizer is a program for optimizing the Windows registry. The program comes with two tools – a registry optimizer and a registry cleaner. The program scans and removes unnecessary items from the computer in just one click. The program has an intuitive interface that novice computer users can control. The main window consists of five main tabs – Status, Scan Registry, Optimize Registry, Backup Registry, and Settings. The Status window shows a summary of the system’s current state.

To start the registry scan, click on ‘Scan Registry’. The progress of the scan is shown on the main window. Users can also see a list of the errors that are processed by the application. The scanning can take up to several minutes depending on the system. Afterwards, the application fixes or removes all the errors that were found. The Winzip Registry Optimizer displays the fragmented items in the system, too. Click the ‘Optimize Now’ button to start optimizing the registry.

The WinZip Registry Optimizer cleans up the system and frees up some disk space. Optimizing it will also make programs launch faster. Other features of the program are:
• Minimizes issues when installing new programs
• Reduces the chances of data corruption
• Consumes few memory resources