Winyl 2.9.4

Vinyl Software (Freeware)

Winyl is a music player that can be used to organize and play songs on the computer. When the program is used, music files can be navigated in the central pane. Browsing songs can be done by first sorting them by song name. Songs can also be sorted by artist name, genre, album, and year. The program is capable of creating playlists. To do this, the songs are dragged to a specific pane in the interface. When all the songs are selected, they can now be saved as a playlist. To facilitate the creation of playlists, the user can select the directory to get the songs. Importing playlists is also possible. This means the user can get his playlist in other music applications such as iTunes or Windows Media player. The program can search the entire media library through its special search feature. This makes it possible for the program to auto-suggest songs even when only a few letters are typed in the search bar.

There are many options when playing songs in Winyl. They can be shuffled and repeated with just a single click. A variety of skins can be selected. The application can be minimized. It can even be hidden in the computer's system tray. In this way, the program is just running in the background while the user is performing other tasks in the computer. Additionally, it makes of  little system resources.