WinXP Manager - IP Switcher 8.0.1

Yamicsoft (Shareware)

WinXP Manager - IP Switcher is a component of WinXP Manager, a program suite of system utilities that assist users in giving better performance and providing added functionality to their computers. The IP Switcher functions to change the user’s network settings until the optimum setting is reached. This tool enables users to save different network profiles so that these may be activated as necessary. Users can select which profiles work best depending on their location. The network profiles contain the pertinent information for Internet connection, including DNS, proxy settings, and IP addresses.

The IP switcher, like the other applications in the WinXP Manager suite, is equipped with a Wizard feature to assist users in their tasks quickly and easily. This feature makes the application easy to use, even for those who have limited skills or knowledge in computers and managing network connections. Users do not have to write the settings manually; the application will automatically detect the optimum settings needed settings. Using this tool, users will not only be able to change their IP address but also optimize their Internet connection speed. In addition, users can do a search for opened ports on their system and manage all of the shared items on their network.