WinX Blu-ray Decrypter

Digiarty Software, Inc. (Shareware)

WinX Blu-ray Decrypter is a program used for decrypting and ripping Blu-Ray to a hard drive. Supported input Blu-ray formats include Disc BD-R, Blu-ray Disc and BD-RE. It is capable of removing Blu-ray and region code protections. It can decrypt AACS encryption, bypass BD-Live and UOPs and remove BD+ copy protection. The program does not only decrypt Blu-ray. It also has the ability to clone, backup and store 3D Blu-ray discs to M2TS video file or 2D Blu-ray folder. This feature prevents damaging or losing Blu-ray data.

WinX Blu-ray Decrypter features Multi-core CPU, MMX SSE/SSE2/SSE3 CPU instructions and Blu-ray Reader Cache supported technologies. This feature enables the program to decrypt Blu-ray discs faster than most decrypting products. The application is also capable of preserving original video effects and supporting Blu-ray MLP/TrueHD and DTS/E-AC3 Audio System. This ensures that the original quality of the Blu-ray disc is preserved even after the decrypting process. Blu-ray Decrypter offers support for both Full Disc Backup and Title Copy modes. The Title Mode copy ensures that the output file maintains the titles included in the file while the Full Disc Backup ensures that the entire content of the movie is copied.

The application follows a three-step workflow. The first step is to load the Blu-ray disc by clicking the “Load BD” button. The second step is to click the “Browse” button to choose the output location for saving the video files. The last step is to press the “Run” button to begin the decrypting process.