WinWatermark 2.9.3 (Shareware)

WinWatermark is a watermark-creation program designed for making transparent yet highly visible watermarks on image files for patent or copyright purposes. The program allows individual or batch processing as defined by the users. Users can also specify whether the software is employed to incorporate watermarks to images and save them as separate files, or to overwrite existing copies and publish them online. Moreover, edited files can be converted by the program through its "save as" option. Watermarks created by the program are highly customizable. Users are free to adjust transparency level, their size with respect to the size of the image files, and their location or placement on the images.

WinWatermarks comes with various modes or styles. There are the simple text watermarks feature for plain texts or captions, a logo watermarks feature for logo positioning,  a copyright symbols feature for trademark or registration type of watermark, and the EXIF watermark data tool for placing identification elements on EXIF templates. Adding custom frames to image files is also supported. Furthermore, it has camera integration where users can set the watermarks prior to taking photos using the webcam of a device. Finally, WinWatermarks has an Image Viewer feature that works like any other photo gallery.