AA6YQ (Freeware)

WinWarbler is one of the components of DXLab Suite's family of eight interoperable applications under the author AA6YQ. It usually sits atop all six other applications excluding the launcher. Its main operational function is conducting QSOs in the RTTY, PSK31, PSK125, and PSK63 modes using the soundcard's conversion feature, which can be set to analog-digital or vice versa. It also supports 32 macros, comprehensive macro language, logging, and transceiver control.

WinWarbler decodes PSK transmissions on three distinct frequencies all at once. Each transmission will be incorporated in AE4JY's PSKCORE engine and displayed in its own receive pane, which can be adjusted in size. It can also support RTTY soundcard and external modems (KAM, PK232, PK900, MFJ, and SCS).

This program can send CW transmission via software-generated, parallel port data signal WinKey, or external modem. The GPS interface captures position, course, and speed and presents a 4 kHz waterfall or spectrum display for the soundcard. It can also seamlessly operate with five other DXLab suite applications including Commander (transceiver control), Spot Collector (DX spot generation and PSK stations heard filtering), DXView (callsign lookup and plotting), Pathfinder (QSL route discovery,) and DXKeeper (logging and QSL generation). It also has a built-in ADIF-compatible minilog. As part of the DXLab Suite, users of this application can easily connect to comprehensive online support with the assistance of 1000 experienced users in its own Yahoo users support group.