WinUtilities Undelete 3.0.1

YL Software (Freeware)

WinUtilities Undelete is YLSoftware’s data recovery tool released in January 2010. As the name suggests, WinUtilities Undelete can undelete files that are lost or accidentally removed from a local drive. This program offers support for both FAT and NTFS volumes. Volumes may either in be a local hard disc or an external storage media like a flash drive or memory card. WinUtilities Undelete scans the selected drives and provides the users a preview of the recovered files. This allows users to choose the files to be recovered before the actual recovery.

WinUtilities Undelete user interface features a multiple window display. The upper left window shows a tree selection of the folder paths. The main window shows the recovered files. The lower left window shows the particular information describing the selected volume. It shows the Volume letter, Guid, and volume type. It also shows the volume’s total space and the free remaining space. A popup window lets users select the output path of the recovered files. WinUtilities Undelete Options popup window allows users to specify the viewing options of recovered folders and files. Users can select to show existing files and directories. Users can also check the box option to search FAT directories in vacant clusters. WinUtilities Undelete also has the option to ignore files showing zero file size as well as system directories that register as containing no files.