WinUtilities Task Scheduler 10.55

YL Software (Shareware)

WinUtilities Task Scheduler comes with the WinUtilities application. This program is for setting up schedules for tasks that are done on the computer. Users can add tasks to the scheduler on the main window. The left side of the screen shows four buttons – Add Task, Edit Task, Delete Task, and Save & Exit. The list of tasks can be seen on the Scheduled Tasks window. Other information is displayed at the bottom part of the window.

Some of the tasks included in the list are the stand by computer, hibernate, log off, restart, power off, clean the registry, clean the hard disk, and clean the history. Users can also add other tasks and applications to use with the application. After selecting a task from the list, users can configure the settings by setting an exact time and date to carry out the action. A list of all the scheduled tasks will then be listed on the main window. To launch the task, right click the item from the list and select ‘Run’ from the drop down menu.

Other features of the application are the following:
• Easy to use
• Intuitive user interface
• Wide selection of tasks to choose from