WinUtilities System Information 10.55

YL Software (Shareware)

WinUtilities System Information is a tool that comes with the WinUtilities Suite. The program is used for viewing complete information about the computer. The application is divided into eight different sections. Each sections provides in depth information about system components. The program shows an overview of the computer’s state. Information that can be seen in the overview is the RAM, mouse, disk drive information, and the graphic card. The eight sections of the program are listed below:

• System Devices – shows detailed information about the computer’s processor and BIOS (Basic Input/Output System)
• Windows – displays the what Windows version is running in the computer, as well as the version of Internet Explorer and when the computer was last started
• Battery – this section shows the battery usage of the computer (only applicable if the system is running on batteries)
• Display – shows information about the graphics card and monitor abilities, as well as the display modes that are supported by the system
• Drives – users can view hardware information on this section, together with the available space in each of the drives
• Memory – displays the list of programs that are launched and how much memory each program is consuming
• Performance – this section displays information about the physical memory of the system with real-time graphs that show the processor usage, paging file, and the status of the physical memory