WinUtilities System Control 10.55

YL Software (Shareware)

WinUtilities System Control is one of the tools included in the WinUtilities program, which is a collection of tools for optimizing and speeding up the computer’s performance. WinUtilities System Control is allows users to tweak the Windows settings. The program allows users to make changes on the boot.ini, config.nt, system.ini, autoexe.bat, etc. The program provides a central location where changes can be made. It supports five categories: auto shutdown, configuration files, OEM information, extended control panel, and environment variables. WinUtilities System Control is mostly used by advanced computer users as making changes to the system may cause problems if not done properly.

One of the features of the application is Special Folders. This tool is used for managing personal files that are located in My Documents, Internet Explorer History, My Pictures, etc. Users can back up their files or transfer them to a different location. The files contained in these folders can also be migrated on a network location so that they can be accessed from a different computer. However, not all folders can be changed to a different location.

WinUtilities System Control also supports auto shutdown. Users can set a schedule for the computer to shutdown at a specified time. This can be done by clicking the ‘Run Auto Shutdown’ option from the application.