WinUtilities Startup Cleaner 2.1

YL Software (Shareware)

WinUtilities Startup Cleaner is used for managing the programs that run during computer startup. Users can create profiles that contain a list of all the programs to be launched when the system starts. Having several profiles is useful for testing different startup configurations based on the user’s needs. The program has a simple and intuitive interface that beginners will be able to use easily. The program is part of the WinUtilities application. To launch the cleaner, open WinUtilities and choose System Control from the list of categories. Choose the program from the list.

Users are presented with a list that contain different entries including services, scheduled tasks, drivers, and DLLs. Right clicking on an item brings up the context menu where users can choose different options. Some of them are:

• Detailed information – shows information (name, developer, version, etc) about the selected file
• Add – adds the item to the startup list
• Property – launches the properties window for the file
• Edit entry – allows the users to change the name or the target application path of the entry
• Detailed information (Google it!) – this tool searches for more information about the entry from the Internet

WinUtilities Startup Cleaner also enables users to temporary disable applications that are automatically launched on computer startup.