WinUtilities Shortcuts Fixer 10.55

YL Software (Shareware)

WinUtilities Shortcuts Fixer is used for removing dead shortcuts on the computer. Dead shortcuts are the shortcuts of programs that do not lead anywhere. The application scans the computer for dead shortcuts. This eliminates the need to manually check the computer for these invalid shortcuts. The user can select the drive to scan. It offers two types of methods for scanning shortcuts. The first one is through the Windows Start menu or the desktop. This method is best for scanning specific folders. The second is all drives specified, wherein users can select the files and folders from a list that is displayed.

Additionally, the application can be used to scan removable media. To do this, choose the ‘scan all references to removable media’ setting. After the options are set, the application starts scanning the computer. The process can be paused or stopped anytime. WinUtilities Shortcuts Fixer displays a list of all the invalid shortcuts that were found in the computer. Users can place a check mark beside the item to be removed from the computer. Initially, all the items are displayed with a check mark. Users can go through the list to see which ones to delete. Users can also view details regarding the item by selecting it from the list and right clicking.