WinUtilities Registry Search 10.55

YL Software (Freeware)

WinUtilities Registry Search is a tool for finding items in the Windows registry. It can be used by advanced computer users. The program makes it easier to find specific items in the registry so that changes can be made by the user. The application makes use of an advanced search algorithm that searches for items based on parameters that are set by the user. After searching, the application presents a list to the user. Before making any changes, it is advisable to keep a backup copy of the registry so that it can be restored if the system crashes. The program offers to create a restore point. By default, the restore point will be deleted from the computer after seven days. This can be changed under the ‘Options’ window.

To use the application, type in search terms on the ‘Find What’ field. There are also advanced options that can be set under ‘Options’. Other items that can be added include the registry keys, values, and data, as well as the search range. Additionally, users can list down registry keys to skip during the search under the Exclusions list. WinUtilities Registry Search also has a ‘Jump to Registry’ command that allows users to go straight to a specific entry to edit or delete it.