WinUtilities Process Security 2.0

YL Software (Freeware)

WinUtilities Process Security is a system utility tool that lets users have a view of all the processes that are running on the computer. A unique feature of the tool is that it allows the user to see whether a process comes from a trustworthy source or not. When in doubt, it lets the user search the Internet for information. It can also quarantine a process when in doubt. It tells the users where the programs are residing. It will also list down hidden components of the process. Above all, it tells the users what the processes do for the computer.

WinUtilities Software features a “security risk rating”. This means it can determine whether a process is an actual threat or not. It can notify the user of potential spyware. It can list down special modules for each process. This means the software can show even the hidden modules of any process in the computer. This can give detailed information about the process that is running. When a process is deemed a security threat, the user can terminate it with a single click.

WinUtilities Process Manager has a user interface that is both user-friendly and simple. It presents a list of all the processes on the right. It will even show the process ID and the folder where it resides.