WinUtilities Process Manager 1

YL Software (Shareware)

WinUtilities Process Manager is a software that can show all active applications running on the computer. This can help the user recognize any potential threats the applications might have. When suspicious, a process can be quarantined. The software has a search feature. If a process is vague, the software can look on the Internet for more data about it.

WinUtilities Process Manager will monitor the processes actively. With this, the user will have control over what process should run on the system. Users can find out each program’s memory usage. A single click is all it takes to remove processes that the computer does not need to run. It can also provide an overview of the computer’s status.

Other features of the software are the following:

• Usage – users can find what is happening at the computer in real-time
• Processes list – the software can identify all applications. Users now have the option to know more about the process and even kill it when it is necessary.
• Modules – the software now has a pop-up window that will show all the modules in any given process
• Advanced Security feature to determine whether a process is a potential Trojan or various
• Determine whether it is safe to run or not