WinUtilities File Splitter 1.6

YL Software (Shareware)

WinUtilities File Splitter is a standalone program that splits large files into several pieces and then merges them later on to form the large file. The program is useful for sending files through email or instant messengers. Users can split large files with no limit. Users who receive the split files can recreate the original large file even if the application is not installed in the computer. This can be done with the .BAT file that is sent together with the small pieces of the large file. Running the BAT file will recreate the original file.

The program is simple and easy to use. The main window of the application provides four tasks – split a file by size, split a file by numbers, split a file by segment, and merge the ripped units of the file. The program also provides settings for splitting files, such as the file split size of each part (in Kb or Mb), and the number of smaller files to be created from the large file that is going to be split. WinUtilities File Splitter works on different types of files and has been tested on a 400 Gb file. The program comes as a self-extracting file that automatically installs the program after execution.