WinUtilities File Shredder 2.0

YL Software (Shareware)

WinUtilities File Shredder is a program that completely removes files from the system so that they can’t be restored using other applications. When using the delete function in Windows, the file is not permanently deleted from the computer. To delete files permanently, the program overwrites the file with other data so that it can no longer be recovered. This tool protects the user’s privacy.

WinUtilities File Shredder makes use of five different shredding processes to ensure that removed files remain deleted. The application also comes with a wizard that will guide the user through the step-by-step process of deleting files from the computer. The application asks the user what type of file to delete (files, folder, or the recycle bin).

• Files – This option is for deleting individual files from the computer. If the user chooses this option, a new window will appear on the screen. Users can drag and drop files to the window so that they can be deleted by the application
• Folders – This option allows users to remove entire folders from the computer. The folder, together with its contents, will be removed by the program.
• Recycle Bin – This option is for deleting the items inside the recycle bin. The program shows the user a list of all the items inside the recycle bin before deleting them.