WinUtilities Duplicate Files Finder 10.55

YL Software (Freeware)

WinUtilities Duplicate Files Finder is a program that scans the computer for duplicate files. The application does not only check the file names, but also does a binary comparison of the contents of files so that duplicate files with different names can be tracked. The program’s scanning method can be done by path, file name, and filters (date, size, file attributes, etc). Removing duplicate files from the system can free up disk space and eliminate clutter. WinUtilities Duplicate Files Finder comes with a wizard that will guide users throughout the entire process.

To use the program, select the drive to be scanned for duplicates. Afterwards, the duplicate files match criteria (file creation time, last access time, write time, same filename, binary compare, same size, etc.) and the duplicate files scan range (scan all files or search for most common files) can be set. Also, users can set some folders to skip to improve the scanning speed. After the scan, the program will show a summary of the results. The summary shows the total number of scanned files, the number of duplicate files found, and the search criteria. Furthermore, a detailed report of the duplicates can be viewed by clicking on the ‘Show detailed information of the duplicates’ button at the bottom of the window. Users can then select the files to be removed from the computer.