WinUtilities DiskDefrag 1.4

YL Software (Freeware)

WinUtilities DiskDefrag is a defragmenter program that improves the file access speed. By defragmenting the system, it will take less time to launch programs on the computer. The application provides a detailed report after each defragmentation. It can be used for home and business computers.

The program has a simple interface that can be used even by beginners. The main window consists of two parts – the list of drivers and a visual display that shows the free space, used space, processing, master file table, fragmented, and defragmented sections. Users can start the defragmenting process by selecting a drive from the list and clicking on the ‘Defrag’ button at the bottom of the window. There is also a bar that shows the progress of defragmentation. WinUtilities DiskDefrag also offers several options when the ‘Defrag’ button is clicked. This can be changed under the Settings window. Some of the actions available are:

• Analyze, defragment and fast optimize
• Analyze and sort files by name
• Analyze and move to end of disk
• Analyze and sort files by size
• Analyze, defragment, and full optimization

Other tabs that can be accessed under the Settings window are Speed, Free Space, Excludes, and Space Hogs.