WinUtilities Auto Shutdown 10.55

YL Software (Freeware)

WinUtilities Auto Shutdown enables users to create a schedule for logging off, hibernating, standing by, and shutting down of a computer. To create a schedule, run the program and choose ‘System Control’ from the main window. An Options window will appear containing the settings for configuring the schedule and the timer. Select the action for the computer and the timer. Afterwards, click the ‘OK’ button. The program will then minimize and place an icon on the system tray. Users can click on the system tray to see the status of the system and how much time remains before the selected action is performed.

The action can also be undone. To do this, right click on the program’s icon on the system tray. Click on the ‘Cancel’ option. If the user provided a password for the program, the password must be typed in before the action can be undone.

Other features of the application are the following:
• Easy to use interface
• Have complete control over the actions of the computer
• Use passwords to prevent unauthorized users from tampering with the program

WinUtilities Auto shutdown works as a standalone program. However, there are other WinUtilities applications that come with the application as well.