NirSoft (Freeware)

WinUpdatesList is a program that shows all the updates that were made on the computer. The program’s interface is divided into two parts. The first part shows a list of all the updates, and the second part displays the files and drivers that are related to the updates. Users can see details of the updates and can do some further reading about them on the Microsoft website by clicking a web link that is also provided. All the items on the list can be saved as a text file or HTML for future reference.

On the upper portion of the interface, some of the information displayed includes the name, description, installation date, who it was installed by, display version, the update type (update, service pack, etc.), and many more. On the lower portion, information displayed are the filename (.dll, .exe., etc.), checksum, file version, file description, current file version, and many more. The program has an odd/even rows feature. This allows users to see odd rows in a different color from the even rows making it easier to see the information on each row.

Users have the option to install the WinUpdatesList program on their computers with a self-install executable file.