WinTopo Pro - Raster To Vector Conversion Tool

SoftSoft Ltd. (Shareware)

WinTopo Pro is a graphics application that converts raster images to vector form. Raster images can come from digital devices such as scanners and drawing tablets. Scanned images, especially those with line work, cannot be edited. To be able to manipulate these drawings, they have to be converted into a format that can be edited using image processing applications. Vector images can be edited and even enlarged without losing the image resolution. This application converts JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and other image files into DXF and other vector file formats.

WinTopo Pro provides the following  program features:

• Image pre-processing functions allow users to enhance images before vectorization.
• The ability to recognize arcs ensure smooth and rounded edges where they should be.
• Colored raster images can be converted to color vector ones, saving the user from having to color computer-aided designs manually.
• One-touch vectorization feature for quick projects—even large images can be processed in a matter of a few minutes.
• A georeferencing feature makes sure that output vector images are correctly rotated, scaled, and deskewed according to the specified coordinates, ready to be used in any mapping or computer-aided design system.

When turned into vector file formats, the raster images from scanned blueprints, drawings, and photos can already be used in computer-aided design, construction, drafting, mapping, and architectural applications.