NoviCorp (Freeware)

WinToFlash is a utility program that enables users to create a backup of their Windows installer CD. This program extracts the content of their Windows Installer program and transfers it to a USB flash drive. This feature enables users to create a more portable backup of their Windows Installer that can be plugged in and out quickly. Users can also spare their Windows Installer disc from scratches and other damage acquired from regular use. WinToFlash allows users to make an unlimited number of backup files using different USB flash drives. The program provides a step-by-step process in creating a backup of the user’s Windows Installer disc. After the backup process is done, the user’s USB flash drive will be able to function similar to the installer disc in installing the windows operating system or its components.

WinToFlash features a wizard type interface that takes users in a seven-step guide to creating a backup of their software installer. Users can choose between a default backup mode and an advanced backup where users can configure settings on the output file or the USB flash drive. users can select a USB drive type, format type, or file systems such as FAT32 LBA, FAT 16 CHS, FAT16 LBA, FAT32 CHS, and FAT32 LBA. Users can also set the parameters for the file allocation type, choose a language, view the log, core, profiles, statistics, updates, formats, and test results. In addition to these, this program allows users to reset the configurations made to their backup.