Wintermute Engine

Dead:Code Software (Freeware)

Wintermute Engine, also known as WME, is a game engine application initially released in January 12, 2003 by Dead:Code Software. This program is composed of a set of tools mainly designed for running and creating graphical adventure game programs. WME is mainly designed for 2D games. It offers most of the main features needed for making classic 2D graphical adventure games. However, it also offers support for a combination of 3D characters and 2D backgrounds, which is also referred to as 2.5D. The program supports alpha channels for TGA and PNG.

WME supports any resolution from 320x200 to high-res 1024x768 resolution. It also has support for 16- and 32-bit color depths. Users may also configure the color depths at runtime. However, the program automatically handles the conversion. The program utilizes 3D acceleration. It also has different graphical effects including alpha bending, transparency and antialiasing. The program offers object-oriented scripting language. The scripting language supports different attributes and methods that allow users to access internal engine workings. Users can also take advantage of the program’s multi-layers parallax scrolling support. Compiling the game into one or multiple packages as well as creating complicated user interface with setting windows, load/save windows, inventory windows and more is also possible.

Other common features available in this program include the following:

• Development tools
• Rendering subsystem
• Localization support
• Accessibility support
• Community