Winter Sports 2011

49 Games (Shareware)

Winter Sports 2011 is an action-packed PC game that occurs in 15 locations and features a total of 16 cups. The nine featured games are all sports events that are, in the real world, typically held in locations with ice-cold temperatures. The game play is rather simple. It involves beating high scores on the most challenging ice slopes and winter sports locations in the world. Winter Sports 2011 is a tactical and strategic virtual game that guarantees fun for virtual winter sports enthusiasts.

Winter Sports 2011 has two basic game modes: Challenge game mode and Fast-paced Career mode. The single player mode includes athletic development. For beginners, the creators have provided an “on the fly” aid. Winter Sports 2011 offers players the chance to engage in virtual skating slipstreams, hard physical impacts, and adrenaline-inducing activities.

Winter Sports 2011 features around 40 different competitions including popular sports such as four-man bog, snow mobile, biathlon, and snowboard cross. This game has high quality graphics and en engaging sound atmosphere designed to motivate and the players to do their best and gain the highest possible scores.

This multiplayer mode of Winter Sports 2011 is good for up to four players and can be played both online and offline.