Winter Snow Animated Wallpaper (Shareware)

Winter Snow Animated Wallpaper from DesktopAnimated is a wallpaper design that transports the viewer instantly to the North Pole. This convincing visual and auditory feast for the senses presents a number of idyllic winter scenes. The chosen images, visual, and sound effects all accurately represent what people expect to see out of doors when they go out during wintertime.

Winter Snow Animated Wallpaper uses very nice images filled with ice and snow scenes that computer users can readily install it as a desktop wallpaper. This particular option is a special offer for the Winter season. This is the wallpaper of choice for people who love Winter and prefer landscapes covered in bright white powdery snow. Winter Snow Animated Wallpaper plays around with six images that feature natural Winter environments such as trees heavy with snow, and gentle rain of snowflakes complete with sound effects such as the cold wind blowing.

Winter Snow Animated Wallpaper presents computer users with accurate representations of Winter and could serve as the perfect wallpaper to promote relaxation during work breaks and in between computer activities. Winter Snow Animated Wallpaper is easy to download and launch. This desktop wallpaper is an alternative to the static wallpaper commonly used for desktops.