WinSnap 4.0.5

NTWind Software (Shareware)

WinSnap is a small application for creating screenshots of the computer’s desktop. It can also be used to edit the screenshots saved. The program is capable of capturing windows with rounded corners, too. Users can change the effects added to the captured screenshot by going to the WinSnap Settings window. The settings include five parts – general, capture, effects, saving, and hotkeys. Under Effects, users can tweak the angle of the shadow, the distance, size, opacity, and even the color. The shadow added to the screenshot is similar to the Windows Aero theme. Other effects that can be tweaked are the reflection, contour, rotation, and size. Users can also add a watermark to the captured screenshots.

One of the main features of WinSnap is the multi-object capture mode. With this feature, users can choose which windows to capture by holding down CTRL or Shift. When this feature is used, all the selected windows will be saved in just one screenshot. Additionally, the WinSnap can be set to work with any visual style applied to the computer. To change the advanced settings of the program, users must run AdvConfig.exe to bring up the advanced capture settings window. The advanced settings allow users to change the windows and dialogs, as well as set the window shape and the dimensions for capturing rounded windows.