Winroll 2.0

Wil Palma (Freeware)

WinRoll is a Windows-based personalization utility program developed by Wil Palma. It was initially released on April 10, 2003. Its main purpose is to enable users to “roll up” multiple windows to title bars. This provides more desktop space and makes it easy to manage and organize windows. The program also has the ability to maximize, minimize and close active programs to the system tray. It can also be used for adjusting the opacity of the windows. The opacity function makes the windows more translucent.

When launched, WinRoll will be displayed on the system tray. It will also automatically perform its main functions without having to set up anything. When you right-click WinRoll, there’s an option to view all the minimized windows in the desktop. It also has an Enable option that can be checked or unchecked. When this option is unchecked, the program will not perform its main functions. WinRoll also has its Options menu that provides different configuration options. This is also where the opacity function is located. There is also the Minimize to Tray option where users can choose between “As Icon” and “As Menu”. Setting the program to start automatically when Windows starts is also possible. There is also an option to hide the program’s icon then re-start in order to show it again.