WinRescue 1.08.51

Super Win Software (Shareware)

WinRescue is the tool to use when computer users want to make sure that their data is safe for any eventuality. This application backs up data contained in the hard drive, as well as a Network Drive, Zip Drive, diskette, DVD, CD, DDCD or any device which can be accessed via Windows Explorer.

With WinRescue computer users can immediately recover from a computer crash. In a matter of minutes, this utility can create backups of configuration files, the Registry and all selected files. It can run automatically on a minimized window so that other computing tasks can continue uninterrupted. It is easy to employ especially with the step-by-step, detailed instructions given by the built-in Wizard. The backup and restoration process is completed in record time. This program can transfer files from one computer to another efficiently so that desktops and laptops are in sync.

WinRescue by Super Win Software can perform the following backup functions: Full Backup, Incremental Backup, and Differential Backup. Users are given the option to use the default backup configuration or create a different set-up. This utility allows users four different configurations. It also has a Crash Fixer feature that restores the OS to its state prior to the installation of the application. This feature is added in order to remove hidden entries that the application may leave behind.