WinRamTurbo Free

Dale Robbins (Freeware)

WinRamTurbo Free is a simple application that allows users to improve their computer’s performance. The application does this by allocating more RAM to the operating system and applications that need to be launched. The program also modifies the cache and Windows files in order to improve the performance of operations. It has a simple user interface, which makes it easy to use for just about everyone. The program also comes with a comprehensive help file that can be used in order to learn more about the application’s features.

On the main window, users can see a preview of the system’s current state. The four bars present on the window are the Memory Load, CPU Usage, Free RAM, and the Page File. Users can view the percentage of these categories on the window. There are no other configurations that need to be done in order to use this application. Users just need to click on the Optimize button on the main window to start the process of allocating RAM.

Other key features of the WinRamTurbo program are as follows:

• Option for automatic or manual optimization of the computer’s RAM
• Retrieves memory that was left behind by programs that are faulty
• Can be accessed from the system tray