WinPatrol 33.1.2015.0

BillP Studios (Proprietary)

WinPatrol is a security program which is designed to clean up and protect the computer from harmful malicious software such as spyware, worms, and Trojans.  Malicious software are used by criminals to disrupt computer operations, solicit confidential information, and extort funds from unsuspicious computer users. This application is designed for medium to advanced computer users since the content displayed are not familiar to novice users. It monitors the programs running on the computer, with particular focus on programs which makes use of computer resources extensively.

WinPatrolworks by giving users a display of how critical system resources are being utilized. It makes real-time alert sounds (e.g., barking dog) when it detects a major shift on memory use from one program to another without the permission of the user. The major shift on memory use is one sign that a virus has infiltrated the computer system. The user can opt not to use sound alerts and have alert messages instead. The alert messages are notifications on system changes. It can also be used to provide program descriptions to improve a user’s general knowledge of computers. Lastly, the Help page serves as an intensive guide on unfamiliar terms which are encountered on the use of the software.