WinOrganizer 4.4

The Golden Section Labs. (Shareware)

WinOrganizer is a PIM (Personal Information Manager) used for planning and managing personal and professional tasks, meetings, etc. The application consists of several tools for information management. Some of the tools included in the application are the following:

• Event Reminder – This tool is used for setting reminders for important events. Users can change the alarm settings so that the important dates are always remembered. This can be used for meetings, birthdays, and holidays.
• Contacts – WinOrganizer is able to store information on contacts, too. There are several fields to fill out including name, birthday, photo, phone numbers, fax numbers, email, address, and web page. The address book can also be integrated with an email client.
• Tasks – Users can write down important tasks that must be completed. The task list can also be displayed according to priority.
• Passwords – WinOrganizer can be used as a password manager, too. Important usernames and passwords for online accounts can be stored in the program. It has a one-click copy to clipboard feature so that users can easily copy and paste log-in information when visiting websites
• Notes – Users can add notes to documents. It has Unicode support so characters from different languages are always displayed as they are.