winOKE 3.28

RobSmith Dev (Shareware)

winOKE is a karaoke player and editor that is used for creating karaoke presentations. The program comes with a variety of styles and effects that allow users to come up with unique presentations. With this application, users can easily synchronize lyrics to various files including AVI, MP3, MIDI, CD, or any format that Windows is capable of playing. Karaoke presentations created with the application can be exported in the AVI video file format.

The application has a simple and intuitive user interface that will be easy to navigate even for those who are not computer savvy. Under the settings menu, users can change song information, song lyrics, colors, timing of the lyrics, effects, and the slideshow. winOKE also comes with a preview mode that allows users to view what the final presentation will look like before exporting. The program supports different types of graphics ranging from 16-bit up to 32-bit.

Here are the other features of the winOKE application:

• Capable of importing MIDI .KAR files, which makes the presentation creation process easier
• Comes with a voice remover that allows users to get rid of the vocals from song files
• Simple and easy to use graphical user interface
• Comes with a variety of settings for full customization