Andreas Eliasson (EliasAE) (Freeware)

WinMover is a shell utility developed by Andreas Eliasson or EliasAE. The program enables users to move active windows on the screen without moving the mouse. This is possible through different combinations of keyboard shortcuts that are specific to each action. The program can mimic native windows management tools for Linux and UNIX. The program supports MDI Windows. Using this program, users will be able to perform the regular window functions including minimize, maximize, and close functions. Users can also set the program to snap windows to the edges of the screen.

WinMover features a classic grey and blue user interface. It is a tabbed interface with three main tabs: Commands, Exclusions, and About Winmover tabs. Under the Commands tab, users can configure the different functions including Move, Resize, Minimize, Maximize, Restore, Close, and Send to Back. Each function is shown beside the corresponding keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard keys that are normally used include the Ctrl key, Alt key, Tab, and Shift keys. These combinations are complemented with mouse actions including mouse wheel, and clicking buttons.  

The program can also set the Snap distance according to the number of pixels. This enables users to snap the windows to the edges once they get to a specific distance from the edge. The program also enables users to specify whether the right and left Alt and Ctrl keys should be distinguished from each other.