WinMount Applicaiton

WinMount International Inc. (Shareware)

WinMount is a utility program that enables users to access the content of their archive files without the need to decompress them. An Archive file is a single file or a group of files compressed together in a single data shell that provides more portability and easier storage. WinMount works by allowing users to mount their archive files in a virtual drive where they can directly access, view, copy, and execute the file contents. This program allows users to save time and disc space required from the need to extract archive files before it can be accessed. This program supports several archive files formats such as ZIP, RAR, and ISO disc images. In addition to that, WinMount can also mount HTTP, FTP, Ghost Disk Image File, VMWare Disk Image File, 7Zip Archive, ARJ, ICE, GZ, BZ2, TAR, WIM, VHD, VDI, ISZ, NRG, CUE, APE, CCD, FLAC, LHA, CAB archive files, Inno Setup, and Install-shield archive files.

WinMount’s interface has two tabs: the Mount and Browser tabs. The Mount tab has tools that enable users to view and access the contents of their archive files. The top toolbar has several icons such as “Mount File” which allows users to locate an archive file in the computer’s hard drive, and “Mount To” which mounts the selected archive file in a virtual drive created by the program. All mounted archive files are displayed on the list on the center portion of the window. WinMount also has a “Browser” tab, which contains tools such as Compress, Extract to, SFX, Info, Delete, Comment, and Advance. This tab also has a display list where information regarding the archive file content can be viewed.