WinMend System Doctor 1.6.4 (Shareware)

WinMend System Doctor is a security tool for Windows. It is designed to protect the computer from viruses. It detects security issues in the computer and then fixes it. It prevents malicious programs from running. It can also scan the computer for security threats. These security threats are the following:

• Spyware – software that gathers information in the computer without the user’s consent
• Adware –  software that presents unwanted advertisements to the user
• Trojans –  software that seems okay to execute but will then proceed to allow unauthorized access to the computer.
• Viruses – a program that replicates itself. It can spread from one computer to another

WinMend System Doctor has the ability to rate the computer's security. This allows the user to have a visual view of the computer's security status. It also generates a detailed security report. This means the software can report every single security issue. This reporting can make the user understand the problems of the computer.

WinMend System Doctor has a new smart scan system. It has the ability to scan every program, including third-party applications. There is also an "Expert" level system scan. This will scan the computer's shared resources and user privilege management.