WinMend History Cleaner 1.4.4 (Shareware)

WinMend History Cleaner is a simple application that deletes the history of applications that are installed in the computer. It supports different programs. The program is capable of deleting cookies, browsing history, auto-complete forms, and the cache. Some programs that it supports include web browsers, media players, archiving programs, and word processors. This application prevents other users from having access to another user’s computer activities. The program is useful on computers that are shared between users.

The program’s main window is divided into tabs. Under the History Cleaner tab, there are four other tabs – Windows, Browsers, Applications, and Cookies. Users can browse through each tab and place a check mark beside the item to scan. After configuring the settings, users can click on the “Start Scan” button, which is located at the bottom right part of the main window. The program will then look for the files that fall under categories that are checked. After the full system scan, users can browse through the results list and decide to delete the files from the computer or keep them. Another feature of the WinMend History Cleaner is the cookie manager that enables users to control the cookies to delete and the ones to keep.