Winmed Data Recovery 1.4.6 (Shareware)

Winmend Data Recovery is a data recovery system designed especially for the Windows Operating System. It is developed and released by WinMend on September 2012. The program features support for various data partition systems including FAT12 to FAT 32, NTFS, and NTFS5. The program can be used to recover all kinds of data from various storage devices including hard disk drives, data cards, and removable drives. Data which may have been lost, accidentally deleted, or missing due to a recent reformatting or system change may be recovered.

WinMend Data Recovery features two types of scanning procedures—Full Scan and Quick Scan. Quick scan offers speedy scanning of the selected storage drive to recover deleted files. In case the scan results do not yield the desired file, the user can perform the more intensive Full Scan. However, Full Scan takes a longer time than the Quick Scan. Nonetheless, it is the best bet in case of formatted disk partitions. Users may also recover files that are inaccessible due to them being locked by a program or operating system. The program also features an Unformat function. When files are lost due to drive formatting, this function may be used to Unformat the drive and select which files to recover. The program features Safe Recovery ensuring that the recovered files will not overwrite on new files.