winMd5Sum 1.0

Nullriver Software (Freeware)

winMd5Sum is a cryptographic hash function used to check data integrity. A cryptographic hash function is an algorithm that takes a portion of the data and returns a specific bit string. For instance, if a user downloads a file, a cryptographic hash function can be used to check if the data downloaded is equal to the source file. If it is not equal, then the file could be incomplete and if it is an application, will result to malfunction. The MD5 checksum value is usually included on the site where the download link is. Once the download is finished, the user can use this software to check the MD5 checksum of the downloaded file and compare it to the value published on the source site.

winMd5Sum has a simple user interface with three main sections: File Name, MD5 Sum, and Compare.
The File Name section is where users can opt to use the browse button or drag and drop the files they need to check. The MD5 sum value is displayed below the file path. The Compare section says if the MD5 sum for the two files is equal or not. The buttons on the main interface are About, Calculate, Compare, and Exit.