Winmail Reader 1.2.15

Kopf (Freeware)

Winmail Reader is a tool that provides users with the ability to read or view and save files from winmail.dat attachments. This tool is particularly designed for senders and recipients of messages from Microsoft Outlook 97 and 2000. This tool also has support for Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, and Thunderbird email clients. It may also be used by those who have newer Windows operating systems (Vista, 7, XP) installed in their computers.

The user interface and layout of the application is similar to that of Windows, making this tool familiar and easy to use. T intuitive layout is fronted by a main display window that is made up of two panes. The left panel provides a list of the attachments while the one on the right displays the selected attachment. The application’s main panel displays the filename, size, and type of the attachments available for extraction.

Users can drag and drop a winmail.dat file to the main display window for faster and more convenient viewing and saving. Users can also add files to the application using the file browser. The attachments may be converted to other formats and saved to any directory location on the hard drive. Winmail Reader can also be associated with all DAT-formatted files so that these will be extracted automatically when users receive emails with .dat attachments.