winLAME 2010

Michael Fink (Freeware)

WinLame is an audio encoder authored by Michael Fink. It was licensed and distributed under General Public License. Under this license, the software can support diverse formats. It utilizes the LAME encoding library to encode. The software program also has a built-in decoder. The users can decode audio formats with the help of the MAD library. The software automatically connects to the libraries that contain the specific algorithm needed to perform the task required.

The software package contains the following features:

• Batch file processing
• Detailed help file
• Presets for different encoding/decoding setups
• Software wizard
• Diverse audio file format support
• Wide selection of encoding/decoding libraries
• Customized file size for the output

To encode a file, the users must select a source file. They must also choose a folder or location for the output file. The software contains preset settings that will make the encoding easier. However, if the users want optimal results, they must tweak the settings according to the specifications of their desired output file.

The users can choose how the program will process the files. They can do this by choosing between two options: encode for functionality and encode for standardization. After conversion, the users can still access and retrieve the original audio file that the program process. The software does not require installation. Users can launch the program from any storage device.